Schedule of Fees

Each of the cardiologists who practice within The Cardiac Centre has their own schedule of fees. It is our aim to provide all patients with information about the cost of their cardiac consultations and procedures. This is to facilitate informed financial consent.

There are essentially two fee structures in Australia on which all medical fees are based. The first is the schedule of fees recommended by the AMA. This fee structure has been in place for many years and takes consideration of not only the CPI but also the additional costs associated with the running of a medical practice.

These include employment costs to staff, Medical Defence Insurance, continuing medical education costs, office maintenance, and software costs. The second schedule of fees is the "Medicare Benefits Schedule" (MBS), the fees prescribed by the Australian Government. This fee schedule is approximately one half of that recommended by the AMA. These fees have been tightly linked to the CPI, but have not considered the very rapid escalation of associated costs encountered in maintaining a top quality medical practice. Most medical practitioners in Australia will charge at a rate somewhere between these two fee schedules.

Payment is always required at the time of the consultation. We do not accept personal cheques.

Hospital Procedures

If you have top hospital cover and are required to undergo a procedure in hospital your doctor will usually direct bill the Health Fund, therefore you will not receive an account from the doctor. In some circumstances where your health fund does not participate in "no gap" billing or you do not have the level of cover to participate you will receive an account from the doctor which will result in an out of pocket expense up to $500. Our staff can provide you with a quote in these circumstances.