If you suffer chest pain or shortness of breath that does not settle with your usual treatment, you are advised to call an ambulance to transport you to the nearest Emergency Room. Please advise the Emergency Room doctor, the name of your cardiologist (always carry his card with you), so he can be contacted to provide your urgent care, should it be required.

What to Do in Case of Chest Pain

  1. Stop what you are doing
  2. Lie or sit down in a comfortable position
  3. Try to stay calm
  4. If you have ‘Anginine’ tablets or ‘Nitro-Lingual’ spray, use these in the following way:
    • Take your normal dose under your tongue and wait 5 minutes for this to work. (If you have not used these medications previously, use 1/2 a tablet or one spray)
    • If the pain is still present repeat this dose and wait another 5 minutes
    • If pain or discomfort is still present, use a third dose and wait a further 5 minutes
    • Dose may be increased to one tablet or 2-3 sprays

If you have taken 3 doses and pain or discomfort is still present call an ambulance.

Remember to remain seated for about 15 minutes after the last dose of medication, otherwise If pain is severe from the outset, call an ambulance immediately and the follow the above instructions. Never drive or be driven to hospital if ambulance services are readily available.

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