Cardiac Rehabilitation

Adequate rehabilitation means most cardiac patients can return to their normal activities lead enjoyable and productive lives and have reduced risk of further cardiac events. Cardiac rehabilitation provides patients and their families with a program of education, information, physical activity and support. The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the National Heart Foundation of Australia recommend that unless contra-indicated, all patients who have had a heart attack, heart surgery, coronary angioplasty/stents or other heart or blood vessel disease are routinely offered the opportunity to be referred to, and participate in, a cardiac rehabilitation program that is appropriate to individual needs.

The program is based on:

  1. Regular physical activity – walking, aqua aerobics, light circuit training
  2. Education, discussion and counselling - heart anatomy, effects of heart disease, dietary changes and cooking advice/classes, medications, resumption of daily activities (e.g. driving, working, sexual intercourse)
  3. Compliance with goals of medical therapy - risk factor modification
    • diet
    • weight
    • blood pressure
    • cholesterol levels
    • exercise program


John Flynn Hospital

- Ms Coral Kearney Ph: (07) 5598 9069

Pindara Private Hospital

- Ask for: Cardiac Educator Ph: (07) 5588 9888




Gold Coast University Hospital

Ms Deb Snow Ph: 0403 608 357

Tweed Heads District Hospital

– Ms Kelly Thompson Ph: (07) 5506 7211