Admission Checklist

Please Bring the Following to Hospital

  • Your Cardiac Centre Patient Information folder
  • All current medications (this includes puffers for asthma).
  • Any relevant x-rays.
  • Your health fund book or membership card.
  • Your health benefit card.
  • Your Medicare card.


  • Please inform the admitting nurse if you are diabetic.
  • Please inform the admitting nurse if you are taking Warfarin.
  • Do not take diuretics (fluid tablets) on the morning of your procedure.
  • You should wear light, comfortable clothing to the hospital for your procedure.
  • As the hospital cannot accept responsibility for the security of valuables, we advise that these items be left at home (i.e. do not wear jewellery)
  • It is advisable to bring toiletries in case you are required to remain in hospital following your procedure,
  • Patient mobile telephones and pagers are not to be used in the Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory.


Please shower on the morning of your admission as you will be on bed rest following the procedure. Please do not use talcum powder or body lotions prior to your procedure. It is essential that day stay patients make arrangements prior to admission to be escorted home by a responsible adult upon discharge. It is also advisable to arrange for a responsible adult to be at home with you after discharge in case you require assistance.